Day Trading Penny Stocks

In theory, day trading penny stocks sounds easy. You simply buy low and sell high, right? Unfortunately, as anyone that has ever tried to do this consistently knows, day trading penny stocks and turning a profit are not as easily done as said.

The Key to Day Trading Penny Stocks Successfully

The key to day trading penny stocks successfully is acting on good information. As with any stock investments, those with the best information usually win. Those with the best information are always the corporate insiders. These are the executives and directors that run penny stock companies and make the decisions that directly affect the future stock price.

Day Trading Penny Stocks and Insider Trading Data

Of course, most people day trading penny stocks would believe that ‘insider trading’ is illegal and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong. The truth is that insiders are allowed to trade their own company’s shares provided that they adhere to rather stringent regulations set forth by the SEC. Among other things, insiders are limited to certain trading windows and many of them must report their trades to the SEC in a timely manner.

All of this is decidedly good news for anyone day trading penny stocks or trading any type of stock on the open market. Since this information is often publicly available, the average investor can easily monitor what the insiders are doing for stocks that they are thinking about trading. When you couple this information with more common trading data like fastest moving stocks or most traded shares you are really on to something.

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Reported on Sep 23, 2011

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