Uncovering Top Penny Stocks

Some investors love taking on the challenge of finding the top penny stocks. After all, who can blame them? Top penny stocks are hard to find at the best of times and with the economy the way it is now, this task has become even more difficult. However, it is possible to find top penny stocks… if you know where to look.

Top Penny Stocks in Plain View

One of the best sources for finding top penny stocks is one place where most people never consider looking. This is insider trading data filed with the SEC. Insiders are the executives and directors of publicly-traded companies that have information and knowledge that could influence their company’s stock price. While insiders at small cap companies are not always required to file their insider trading activity with the SEC the way that their blue-chip counterparts are, many of them still do. This is great news for savvy investors looking to cash in on top penny stocks.

While not every insider trade is significant, some of them are very significant. Insiders may sell off shares for any number of reasons including wanting to diversify their portfolio or raising some quick cash to pay for a condo in which to hide a lover. Insider sells made by individual investors can be difficult to decipher but fortunately, there are other signs to look for that are strong signals.

Top Penny Stocks Sell Signals

When searching for top penny stocks you might discover that a group of insiders at the same company were all selling their shares at the same time. It isn’t likely that all of them were buying condos to house lovers at the same time (that would just be weird) so it is more likely that this group believes that the price of the shares are headed downward and wanted to unload some shares before that happens. In this case, if you already owned the stock you might want to consider getting rid of it as well. If you were thinking of buying this company’s shares you might be better off finding top penny stocks elsewhere.

Top Penny Stocks Buy Signals

As another example, if you were looking for top penny stocks and you found a company in which many of the insiders were buying up company shares as quickly as they could you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at it. Insiders sell for any number of reasons but they only buy for one. They believe that the price of the stock is going to go up.

When looking for top penny stocks you must pay close attention to insider trading data. If it is available it could be much more valuable than any other source of investing tips.


Reported on Sep 20, 2011

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