Top Penny Stocks Online

Everyone seems to be looking for top penny stocks online but very few investors appear to be finding them with any degree of consistency. Instead, they seem to get in just a little late and lose money or never hear about the top penny stocks online at all and completely miss out on some great opportunities. Is there any way around this dilemma? (PSI) believes that there is.

Gurus and Penny Stocks Online

When looking for top penny stocks online, too many investors are following the wrong people. Normally, the wrong people consist of ‘gurus’ offering advice on penny stocks online or brokers or investment advisors. Not all of these types of advisors are bad or malicious but the fact is that they have two distinct disadvantages that you need to be aware of if searching for top penny stocks online.
First, most of these experts don’t have any skin in the game. That is to say that they rarely if ever invest their own money in the stocks that they’re recommending and they don’t have a great deal vested in your doing well with the stock or not.

Secondly, many of these sources for top penny stocks online are actually getting a commission when you buy or sell the stock that they recommend. Again, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing but they don’t have a great deal to lose if or when you lose based on their recommendations as they’ll make their money either way.

Insiders and Penny Stocks Online

So where can you look for advice on top penny stocks online? Well, PSI believes that the best source for hot penny stocks and the potential for big returns is going straight to the source. Why not see what the executives that run the companies that you’re thinking about investing in are doing? The “corporate insiders” make the decisions that determine the future value of their company. They are privy to information few of the rest of us will ever have and they’re in the best position to predict the future value of their company’s shares. Talk about the inside track on top penny stocks online.

Of course, insiders are closely regulated so they cannot blatantly come out and tell the average investor when they should buy or sell their company’s share. However, how they trade their own shares speaks volumes and when you couple this insider trading data with criteria such as highest volume shares, biggest gainers, etc. you have a source of knowledge on top penny stocks online that most brokers are not even aware of.


Reported on Sep 26, 2011

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